XenFit Exercise Band

XenFit Exercise Band

XenFit Exercise Band

4-week training program with lower body focus. Set your body on fire and transform your curves with XenFit exercise band and custom workout plan. Sweat it out and bring your fitness to a new level.


This Package Includes:

  • One XenFit exercise band (heavy resistance)
  • Digital 4 Week Workout Plan (pdf)

 Plan Information:

  • Exercises to Target Your Lower Body
  • Exercise Video Links to Help Understand the Movements of Each Exercise
  • 7-step Guide to Healthy Eating 

 Product Information:

XenFit Logo Booty Band (14 Inches Long)

The exercise band is made from thick and durable cotton polyester with hundreds of elastic strands that can be stretched repeatedly without breaking. It is durable, thick, and stretchy which can withstand your most intense workout. 

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