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Why is gut health so important?

Your gut is actually responsible for 90% of your immune system. So if your gut is not healthy, you will be susceptible of getting ill.

How do you know if it is healthy or not?

If you eat your food and feeling bloated and constipated, and you have digestive issues, if you have autoimmune issues, if you are having skin rashes, eczema, all of that is led to your gut. Your gut is even a centre of your serotonin levels, so it will cause anxiety and depression if your gut health is off. It is also responsible for your gut brain connection. So if it is off you feel fatigued, you can feel brain fog. It is responsible for your digestion and absorption. If you don’t absorb nutrients from your food, your energy levels are low.

If there are some gut issues, these are some of the common symptoms:

▫️ Tired and fatigued no matter how much you slept

▫️ Brain Fog

▫️ Can’t lose weight no matter how low you go with macros

▫️ Bloating after any foods you eat and developed food sensitivities.

▫️ Headaches

After gut is healed, this is how you feel:

▫️Plenty of energy

▫️Clarity in your thoughts

▫️Not feeling bloated after meals

▫️Metabolism is repaired and you can eat twice as much without gaining weight.

▫️Lean out and decrease body fat percentage

▫️No more headaches

The advance bulletproof gut program uses an elimination diet which is a controlled eating plan that removes typical food intolerances along with those that may be individual to you.

This program is ideal for a client who has a good understanding of nutrition and would like to improve their digestive system health.

The goal of this program is to improve well-being, vitality, and energy.

The program consist of:

  1. Assessment #1. To be filled in prior to starting program.
  2. Assessment #2. To be filled after the program is complete.
  3. Action Plan: Enter The Elimination Diet, Re-Introduction, The Elimination Diet Process
  4. Fodmap Food List: Low Fodmap Food List, High Fodmap Food List
  5. Shopping Guide
  6. Supplement Guide
  7. Advanced Bulletproof Gut Recipe Pack. Specifically selected gut-friendly recipes.
  8. Shopping list
  9. Weekly meal plan

Complete the program at your own pace. It is recommended that you follow this program for entire 6 weeks. After that, a more balanced and less restrictive, long-term approach should be taken.

FREE BOUNCE: The Total Body Blast home workouts. Studies show that exercise can have a positive impact on digestive health. This 3-day-a-week fitness program is designed to boost your progress.

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