The Ann Chery HOT CREAM is a slimming, detoxifying and skin tightening cream designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. It contains quality and natural ingredients to help burn fat, tighten the skin whilst promoting good circulation. 

Our Ann Chery Hot Cream can be used daily on its own, with a bodywrap or in combination with a waist trainer or corset. It will add intensity to your workout sessions and accelerate the fat burning process so you can slim down and reach your fitness goals faster. The Ann Chery Hot Cream is enriched with natural Hedera Helix Extract which will firm the skin and release toxins from the body. 


  •     Firmer and tighter looking skin.
  •     Stimulates circulation
  •     Stimulates fat burning
  •     Warming up effect
  •     With hedera helix extract
  •     Helps to eliminate toxins.
  •     Reduce appearance of cellulite & stretchmarks

The Ann Chery CAFFEINE BODY CREAM is designed to help you improve your skin tone and firmness, reduce the appearance of cellulite, stimulate circulation and increases the levels of molecules lipolytic fat burning effect. The Ann Chery Caffeine cream is also effective to use to help boost waist training results as it breaks down fatty deposits and will tighten your skin. The effect of caffeine has been proven to provide smoother and firmer skin, increasing circulation and helping with water retention.  Daily-use can visibly reduce cellulite and tackle dimples and bumpy cellulite for a smoother overall appearance. 

Ann Chery Caffeine Body Cream Features: 

  • Improves skin tone & firmness
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Help tighten and smooth skin
  • Improve micro-circulation
  • Easy Fat Cell Breakage
  • Reduces Fat Reserves
  • Reduces water retention
  • Help to release toxins
  • Lipolytic Effect
  • 120 g / 4.23 OZ

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