Ann Chery Fit Waist Shaper

Ann Chery Fit Waist Shaper

Ann Chery Fit Waist Shaper

Improve your workout sessions with the Ann Chery Fit waist shaper and trimmer belt. 

This waist trimmer belt will provide you with core muscle protection and support during workouts. It has extra support with an inner layer and provides proper core muscle protection. It will increase your thermal activity, stimulating perspiration which speeds up burning fat cells, ideal as a weight loss and fat loss, targeting abdominal area. 


✔️Genuine Ann Chery Waist Belt

✔️Fitness waist trimmer belt

✔️Extra support with inner layer

✔️Velcro band for core zone compression

✔️No rolling up or down

✔️Internal cotton lining

✔️Daily Use

✔️Suitable for Exercising 

✔️Suitable for All Torso lengths  

✔️Suitable for Women and Men

✔️Easy to put on

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