Meet Your Trainer

Meet Your Trainer

Hey ladies, it's me... Xenia and I am the creator of XenFit. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about my programs and products, now I'd love to share a little bit about me. 

I have been a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition specialist for over 10 years, I also specialise in Pre and Post Natal Fitness. I love helping women to achieve their health and fitness goals, and transform their lives. 

I'm a wife, mother of three and I know who it could be hard to find time for yourself when balancing family life and career. I have created this company with a strong focus on Women Empowerment. XenFit is a fitness and nutrition coaching solution for modern women. Fit does not just mean physically fit, it means mentally fit, spiritually fit, professionally fit. I've created this company for the Modern Woman who needs to be reminded that IT IS OKAY to put yourself first.

My idea for XenFit is to convey complex knowledge into an achievable, fun and easy to understand coaching program. XenFit is all about a continuous and maintainable plan for your fitness and nutrition, which shows remarkable results. 

I am based in Doncaster, UK. However with Online Coaching Programs I offer services to women around the world.

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